Monday, January 18, 2016

Resurrecting This Blog

Over the past few years, I've put this blog on hold while I blogged with a couple of great group blogs. I plan to continue blogging with Fierce Romance, but have also decided to begin posting to my own blog again as well. I'm working on a new series that I'm very excited about, Silver Fox Romance, and I think there are a lot of topics that writers and readers can discuss here. I'm excited about the positive response I've had regarding writing romances with mature characters - I call them Silver Foxes.

I'd love to hear all your thoughts!


For those of you who want to catch up, here are the last two posts I wrote for Fierce Romance:

January 11, 2016

I’ve read a lot about the need for romance to be more inclusive, to have characters of all races, characters who have diverse ethnic backgrounds, LGBT characters and those with disabilities. And I wholeheartedly agree. But rarely do I ever see an outcry for romances to include, or even feature, older characters.

I happen to be what’s referred to as a “woman of a certain age”-- guess that sounds better than “middle aged” or "mature". And while I enjoy writing romances with characters in their twenties and thirties, I would love to write some love stories where the heroines are closer to my own age. But I fear it would be a waste of my time.

Women in their forties, fifties, and beyond are vibrant, passionate women who need love as much as a twenty-year-old. They enjoy candlelit dinners and long kisses,! And I would love to show that to the romance reading community through my stories. But I’ve always been warned not to make my characters too old. That no one wants to read about them.

Older women are often treated as though we are invisible. We’ve had our time and aren’t interesting anymore. We’re treated as if we have nothing to offer to society. No one markets to older women.

I could go on and on about double standards ( ) but that’s not what this blog post is about. Still, there have been a few movies lately that show older women having romances, and they are mostly played by Meryl Streep. But look at Meryl Streep. Is she invisible? No, she’s vibrant and passionate and why wouldn’t readers enjoy romances about women like her? They’ve had experiences and histories that lend themselves well to the conflicts inherent to romances. And double standards aside, look at the silver foxes we have for inspiration for our heroes (Mark Harmon, Sam Elliott, George Clooney, etc.). Yet, I’ve been told I shouldn’t write about them. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to.

So, apparently this post on older characters in romance novels has turned into a comment on ageism and double standards. I think they are important topics and I encourage you to not only learn more about them, but think about the way we perpetuate these ideas. Here’s an interesting article on ageism. 

I did hesitate to spend my time and energy on something that possibly no one would want to read. But I’ve decided to write a series of “mature romances” anyway. I hope the market for them will be out there, older women who want to read about characters closer to their own age, and romance readers of all ages who simply want a good love story. So later this year look for my Silver Fox Romance series. I’m excited to be writing them. I hope you’ll look forward to reading them too.


January 18, 2016

When looking for inspiration for the characters in my Silver Fox Romances series, I didn't have to go any further than Pinterest. I've spent probably more time than I should have scrolling through mouth-watering pics of handsome men with silver hair, or white or sexy salt and pepper. Their faces aren't baby smooth but etched with laugh lines and experiences. (And here's where I say there is nothing wrong with a sexy younger guy - I drool over them too!) If you want to see what I'm talking about, you could check out my Silver Fox board:

While men seem to get a pass for having silver hair, women are another story. I let mine go to my natural salt and pepper quite a few years ago and I had many people at the time tell me how much older I would look. It was hard to do at the time, but I'm glad persevered. I've had many women come up to me and tell me if they knew their hair would look this good they'd do it. I tell them they'll never know until they try, I know I'll never dye my hair again. I wish Pinterest had been there back then to give me inspiration as I lived through the half gray/half dyed brown hair phase. Now, Pinterest has tons of inspirational pics of gorgeous women who have let their crowning glory shine with shades of silver. See what I'm talking about here:

I found many pics of mature silver fox couples too. How can you not imagine romance stories for every one of them?

I'll be adding to these boards often, and I'm starting to set up boards for the individual stories I'm planning. So feel free to follow the boards if you'd like. And of course, sign up for my mailing list if you'd like to get notifications of my releases.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging at Fierce Romance

I'm happy to announce that I will be joining the gang at Fierce Romance, blogging on Monday's. There's a great bunch of authors over there, so stop over often.

I also blog once a month, on the 12th, over at RomErotica Writers.So you can stop over there too.

I will no longer be keeping up this blog (I've never been a good daily blogger anyway) I'd rather use my time and energy writing new stories for my readers to enjoy!

So stop by Fierce Romance on Mondays and RomErotica Writers on the 12th of the month. Leave a comment when you have the chance. I'd love to hear from you!

Romance with more...sizzle

Thursday, January 1, 2009

DARK ANGEL is out today!

I thrilled that my newest release from Red Sage, DARK ANGEL, is one of the first of 2009. I love stories with dark, tortured heroes and the women who bring light back into their lives. I hope you do to. Here's the blurb:

Disfigured in an accident that killed his wife, reclusive photographer, Rafael D’Angelo wants to be left alone amid rumors the car crash was no accident. Julie Brightman has been secretly in love with her sister’s husband for years. When a violent thunderstorm strands her at his secluded house, she discovers the man in the mask is not the Rafe she remembers. Trapped together, their happiness is threatened by the past that haunts them and the secrets they keep from each other.

And an excerpt:

She should have been here by now.

Rafael D’Angelo paced the widow’s walk atop the roof of his old Victorian house as thunderclouds rolled across the late afternoon sky. Dark and turbulent, they churned like his stormy thoughts.

Irritation at his sister-in-law invading his sanctuary had given way to worry. And the fact that he was now worried irritated him even more. What right did she have to call him out of the blue and announce she was on her way from the airport? She said she just wanted to talk, but Rafe knew she really wanted to ask questions. Wanted to search for meaning in the scattered pieces of his shattered life.

He’d long ago stopped wondering what it all meant. He just didn’t give a damn anymore.

The wind whipped around him; tearing at the sleeves of his black shirt and the hair he didn’t bother to cut anymore. He scanned the swaying tree tops, as if he could see her approach through the thick Pennsylvania forest.

He could smell the rain in the air. There had been little sunshine in the past few months to soothe his tortured soul. Only storms to feed the churning emotions within him. Lightning burst in the distance and it wouldn’t be long, he knew, until it was flashing overhead. The air grew oppressive with humidity and angry thunder rumbled through the air.

The clouds opened up and a driving rain slashed through his clothing. He abandoned the roof and descended the two long, narrow flights of stairs to the main floor.
Thunder crashed, closer this time. It seemed to echo around him, bouncing off the walls and through his skull. An unfamiliar emotion tugged at him beneath the hard shell he’d built around himself. If he didn’t know better, he’d think it was eagerness.

No. That was impossible. It had to be anxiety. He was man enough to admit to himself that he was scared to death to see Julie again. This would be the first time he’d see someone who knew him before his face, and his life, was ruined on a twisted stretch of asphalt along the California coast.

You can check out another excerpt and download your very own copy to keep you warm tonight :)


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guest Blogging about those Gothic Romances

Hope you all have had a great holiday!

I'm guest blogging today with Emma Petersen, talking about those gothic
romances I loved to read while I was growing up. Those stories inspired
the novella I have coming out from Red Sage Presents next year (like,
tomorrow!) titled, Dark Angel. Stop by the blog and leave a comment and
you'll be eligible to win an autographed print copy of Seasons of
Seduction IV, which features my story, Taste of Honey.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

He Knows When You've Been Bad or Good

It's the 12th, so I'm blogging at RomErotica Writers. Stop by and leave a comment!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Interviewed at Night Owl Romance

I chatted with the super-nice Tammie King the other day. The interview is up at Night Owl Romance. You can check it out here.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Up to No Good!

Red Sage Secrets Vol 25, Wicked Delights is now on bookshelves! My novella, Up to No Good, is included in this anthology.


Former syndicated columnist Simon “Mac” MacKenzie hides a tragic secret. When freelance writer Alison Chandler seeks an exclusive interview, she threatens not only his carefully constructed lifestyle, but his longstanding ideas about love.
Is their passion a distraction or the key to surviving their war of wills?


~UP TO NO GOOD by Natasha Moore~
Until this anthology, I had never read Natasha Moore, but she is an author I will definitely be reading more of soon! I was very impressed with her novella, UP TO NO GOOD. The title itself intrigued me, and the story was just wonderful.
The banter between Allie and Mac is fantastic – I couldn’t get enough of it. This pair will certainly keep each other on their toes for the rest of their lives.
Allie is delightfully irrepressible – a fact that simultaneously intrigues and worries Mac. He can’t wait to see what she comes up with next, but he also fears she will not rest until she exposes his dark secret. Her penchant for ordering sexy bar drinks from him wreaks havoc on his libido, and leaves the reader laughing with each double entendre exchanged.
Mac is simply a great guy. Misguided, sure, but a really stand-up friend. He lets his past rule his present, and tries to keep himself apart from others, afraid he will be betrayed again, or worse, they’ll discover his secret and know the truth about who he is. Of course, Mac, like many of us, is much harder on himself than anyone else would be. It takes Allie’s unique perspective to help him overcome that past.
UP TO NO GOOD is a fun little romance whose lightness compliments the real depth of the story. I would bet that Natasha Moore finds herself with quite a few new fans after this gem releases.

I'm sharing the stage with three other awesome writers! Check it out today!