Monday, February 26, 2007

BREAKING SKYE by Eden Bradley

BREAKING SKYE, Eden Bradley's newest e-book is available now from the Phaze Fetish line!

Skye Ballard has always wanted to experience her fantasies of sexual submission. She craves to be commanded, taken over. She is convinced that all it will take to purge this yearning from her system is one night. Skye searches out the perfect Dominant for the job-it must be a man who is powerful, attractive, and naturally dominant. But when she meets Adam Dunne, she finds a man beyond her wildest dreams.Adam convinces her one night will not be enough for what he sees as a process, rather than a single experience. Skye soon discovers that being with him only makes her crave more. And while he begins with the idea of training her to be the perfect submissive—for someone else—soon all he can think of is making her his, making her yield. All he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.
Buy this book now at www.Phaze.comDirect link:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Free Story for Valentine's Day

Romance Divas is an awesome forum of information and support for romance writers. A number of members have banded together to write a story of their heart and share it with the world for free. We call it the Romance Divas E-book Challenge.

My story THE BOY NEXT DOOR is a contemporary story I hope you will love. It is a sweet romance, so those of you who don't care for as much sizzle, feel free to check it out. And those of you who love sizzle, I hope you'll love Kim and John's story too.

The story can be found on my website. Click on the link below and enjoy!

And there's more!! You can check out more stories from talented Romance Divas. For more exciting FREE READS go to for a complete listing"


Monday, February 12, 2007

Remember the Joy

Another Monday Inspiration.

This paper on my bulletin board has only three words on it "Remember the Joy!" I've forgotten who said this to me once, when I was worrying about all the things you learn to worry about once you start learning about writing, but I had to write it down and post it where I can see it every day.

Remember when you loved to write just for the sake of the story? Before you knew about POV? Before you'd ever heard about GMC or character arcs or scene and sequel? Back when you loved to sit down and write your stories just to see your characters come alive on the page?

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in all the mechanics of writing, that we forget the joy that comes from the words, the characters, the story. It's so easy to agonize over the three-act structure, the hero's journey, and all those other tools we've be given to tell our story that we forget the joy in telling the story itself. And as we worry about all these external things, our writing falls flat. The spark is gone.

And then there's the submission process, the queries, synopsis writing, the agent search. I could go on and on. No wonder we can forget the joy we felt when we realized we were writers. The joy when the words we put to paper told the story in our heart.

When you sit down to write today, remember the joy that brought you to write down your stories to begin with. Because if we can't feel the joy, what's the point in the writing??


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Did you know that 95% of abuse victims are women? Every year four million women are assaulted by their spouses or partners. Freya's Bower Publishing is hoping to do a small part to break the cycle of abuse.On February 1, DREAMS & DESIRES: A COLLECTION OF ROMANCE AND EROTIC TALES will be available. This anthology features short stories in a variety of romance subgenres from 19 talented authors. The stories range from sweet to sizzling.Not only did the authors contribute their stories to this anthology, but all the editing and cover art were also donated. All net proceeds - that's 100% of the profit - from the sales of the anthology will go directly to a battered women's shelter in Florida. There have been other anthologies published for charity in the past, but most of those have only donated a portion of their profits. With DREAMS & DESIRES, every penny of profit goes to help women and children in dire circumstances.Please help make a difference by purchasing a copy of DREAMS & DESIRES. As an added bonus to contributing to such a worthy cause, you'll be rewarded with 19 great short stories by some of today's rising authors.

"The Forest for the Trees" by Jenna Bayley-Burke (sweet; contemporary)

"Song Without Words" by Faith Bicknell-Brown (sweet; contemporary)

"Love @ First Site" by Amanda Brice (sweet; chick lit)

"The Christmas Prize" by Sela Carsen (sweet; contemporary)

"Romance for One" by Rachelle Chase (spicy; chick lit)

"Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit" by Gemma Halliday (sweet; chick lit)

"The Velvet Mask" by Candace Havens (sweet; contemporary)

"Road of Misgivings" by Zinnia Hope (sweet; contemporary)

"To the Core" by Jackie Kessler (tangy; paranormal)

"Taking the Alleys" by Susan Lyons (sweet; contemporary)

"Brushstrokes" by Richelle Mead (spicy; historical paranormal)

"Red's Merry Mischief" by Debbie Mumford (tangy; fantasy)

"Baring It All For Mr. Right" by Rhonda Stapleton (sweet; chick lit)

"The Wedding Policy" by Bebe Thomas (sweet; historical)

"Blood and Feathers" by Emily Veinglory (sizzling; M/M paranormal)

"The Mirror" by Sasha White (sizzling; contemporary)

"The Reluctant Bridesmaid" by Lois Winston (sweet; chick lit)

"The Forge: Jezren Dark Sky" by Shaunna Wolf (tangy; sci-fi)

"Secret Valentines" by Kit Wylde (sweet; contemporary)

DREAMS & DESIRES is available as an eBook for $7.99 (ISBN: 1-934069-36- 1), a paperback (ISBN: 1-934069-22- 1) for $19.95, and a hard cover (ISBN:1-934069- 23-X) for $29.95. The paperback and hardcover are available fromBarnes & Noble online. The books and the eBook are also available through Freya's Bower atwww.freyasbower. com. The book is also being sold at Borders anddistributed by Ingrams. If your local bookstore doesn't have it, they'll beable to order it for you. Just give them the title and the ISBN number.

Here's the link where D and D can be purchased:

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Hair Do

I got my hair cut today. Nothing drastic. Nothing too short - it's freezing here in the Northeast! But I debated for weeks beforehand, trying to decide what to do with my hair. I've worn it the same way for several years and I was ready for something new. But the old style looked good and was easy to take care did I really want to change??

Have you ever seen those women who you can pinpoint the year they graduated from high school because they're still wearing the beehive or the flip or the long, straight do? At least, I've changed my hair since high school. Hopefully, no one can pin point my age quite that easily :)

How about you? Do you keep the same hair cut for years and years? If so, is it because it's easy? Just because you like it? Because you're afraid you won't like something and it will be too late when all that hair's lying on the tile floor?

Or do you change all the time? The cut. The color. If so, is it because you can't find the perfect cut? Just because you like a change?

I did change my hair style. I think I like it. We'll see in the morning after I get out of the shower and see if I can make it look like my hairstylist did. Somehow I never can get it to look exactly the same. Do you have that problem too?


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Short Releases by Jenna Bayley-Burke

If you know something only in your dreams, should you dare try and make it happen? Even if it means starting over and risking the disapproval of your family? Vanessa and Nick are searching for a sign that their dreams might come true. Vanessa only hopes she can find her dream ring…Rachel and Evan Hansen are getting a taste of their own medicine. As teenagers they ran away and eloped, and now their daughter wants to follow in their footsteps. Looking back, Rachel and Evan wonder what would have been if they'd listened to the warnings instead of trusting their hearts.