Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dark Master by Tawny Taylor

DARK MASTER is officially released today. At last! You can buy your copy from online retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble) or at your favorite brick and mortar store today!


Completely broke, Regan Roslund is stuck selling bondage gear to a kinky clientele in order to pay her bills. She has no interest in her salacious merchandise until she feels a leather choker tight against her neck--and gets a glimpse of the muscular, model-gorgeous man who holds her captive. Suddenly, temptation ignites...


Newly crowned king of the undead, Shadow Sorenson knows he can protect himself by taking a wife. He hopes Regan, with her new-found curiosity, will be unable to resist obeying even his most deviant demand. But Shadow would prefer she surrender willingly. For thirty nights, he'll show Regan what it's like to lose control as he explores every inch of her naked flesh, leaving her hungry for release--and moaning in anticipation of an ecstasy she never knew existed...

Warning! This is a REALLY HOT book (Sexually Explicit)

"A thoroughly entertaining tale by a talented new voice." Kate Douglas

Read a HOT excerpt at:

A penniless bondage shop owner finds herself wed to a vampire king against her will. She wants to leave. He’s determined to convince her to stay… and in this game of seduction, he’s not going to play fair.

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

Tawny is a great writer! Check this out today!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simply Sexual by Kate Pearce

One of the new friends I made at the RT convention in Pittsburgh last week was talented author, Kate Pearce. I had to pick up her recent release from Kensington Aphrodisia, Simply Sexual, at the booksiging. Talk about hot! I loved the spunky heroine, Sara, too bold, too accomplished for the times. And I love me a tortured hero, and Valentin, is surely that.

Here's the blurb from Kate's website:

Valentin Sokorvsky decides to take a wife but he has no intention
of sharing either his darkest sexual fantasies or his heart with her.
He prefers to pretend that seven years spent as a sex slave in a
Turkish brothel have nothing to do with the successful business
man he is or the devoted husband he intends to become.

If you love hot, sensual erotic romances that explore many sexual fantasies, I recommend Simply Sexual and Kate Pearce.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm baaaack

The Romantic Times convention was a blast! I met a lot of on-line friends face to face and went to a couple good workshops and publisher spotlights. Dinners were really late when you consider we usually got our food about the time I normally go to bed in the real world.

I survived my first booksigning and actually sold some volumes of Seasons of Seduction IV to people I didn't know LOL so it was great - even when the power went off in the huge ballroom leaving everyone in the dark. When I go again, I'll have a lot more books to sign.

Came back with bags of free books. Still catching up on e-mails and laundry. Better get writing so I can make more money to put in my RT Orlando fund!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

I'm off today for the RT convention in Pittsburgh, PA. It's my first RT, and I'm told it's a lot of fun - readers and writers and editors and agents talking romance for a week. Not to mention the cover models :)

There will be workshops for both readers and writers. Dinners and costumes and lots of laughter. And booksignings. My first. I'm looking forward to meeting readers and the writer friends I've met on-line.

I'll be back Sunday with stories and pictures.

See you then - unless you're going to be in Pittsburgh, then I hope you'll stop by at one of the booksignings (Ebook Fair on Wed - Print Booksigning on Sat) and say hi.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Matter of Trust

Several weeks ago I pitched the idea for a series of linked novellas to one of my editors. She liked the idea and told me to send her the first one when it was done. Since then, I haven't been able to write word one on that novella. Now, in my defense, I did get edits on The Passion-Minded Professor, and galleys on both The Ride of Her Life and Bad To The Bone. But all this time, I've felt so guilty for not working on this new novella.

This afternoon I went out for a walk - we finally have sunshine and 60 degree weather in western New York - Yay!! While I was walking, a new beginning to the novella popped into my head and I realized I hadn't been able to start the story because I didn't have the right beginning. If I shift the focus just a bit, it will work so much better.

I should be used to this. It actually happens to me quite often. Just a chapter from the end of my last story, I found I couldn't write a word for days. I started feeling guilty, frustrated, and then suddenly one day an idea came to me that made the ending so much better than it would have if I'd forced myself to plow through to the end. So I have to trust myself to believe the answer will come. And it will be worth the wait.

Now, I have to get writing.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Secrets Vol 24 Surrender to Seduction

I posted early last month when I got a look at the gorgeous cover for my first Secrets anthology. I thought my novella Up To No Good was going to be in this anthology, but I discovered it's my novella Bad To The Bone that will be included in Vol 24. Hmm, how did that happen? Don't ask.

Don't worry, Up To No Good will be part of Secrets Vol 25 that will be released in Dec.

So here's the blurb for Bad To The Bone:

She’s a good girl who wants to be bad and he’s a bad boy who wants to be good. When they meet up at their high school reunion, Annie Shane wants to shed her good girl reputation by having one wild weekend with Luke Kendall. Luke has had enough playing the field and hopes to convince Annie to settle down. Which leaves Annie wondering…what would a bad girl do?

Mark your calender. Surrender to Seduction will be released in July!