Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simply Sexual by Kate Pearce

One of the new friends I made at the RT convention in Pittsburgh last week was talented author, Kate Pearce. I had to pick up her recent release from Kensington Aphrodisia, Simply Sexual, at the booksiging. Talk about hot! I loved the spunky heroine, Sara, too bold, too accomplished for the times. And I love me a tortured hero, and Valentin, is surely that.

Here's the blurb from Kate's website:

Valentin Sokorvsky decides to take a wife but he has no intention
of sharing either his darkest sexual fantasies or his heart with her.
He prefers to pretend that seven years spent as a sex slave in a
Turkish brothel have nothing to do with the successful business
man he is or the devoted husband he intends to become.

If you love hot, sensual erotic romances that explore many sexual fantasies, I recommend Simply Sexual and Kate Pearce.



Karen Erickson said...

It's hard to believe that sweet, sweet Kate can write something so smokin' hot huh? This book is naughty! LOL


Kate Pearce said...

I am sweet?
Oh yes-of course I am!
so glad you enjoyed the book-it was a pleasure to write and it was also a pleasure to meet you in person!

Natasha said...

Karen and Kate, my new RT friends!! My new naughty friends :) Loved meeting you both!