Monday, November 5, 2007

Tomorrow she's in for The Ride of Her Life!

My contemporay romance THE RIDE OF HER LIFE will be available for download from Samhain Publishing tomorrow, November 6th!! This book is special to me and I'm so thrilled it found a home and that readers can take the ride with Sarah and Dean. Here's a little blurb to tempt you :

The day Dean Bastian walked into the bank was the day Sarah decided she was no longer going to be sensible.
But, to be honest, when it came to Dean, she’d never had a bit of sense. Seeing him again after all these years sent her right back to that gawky teenager who’d had a major crush on the bad boy next door.
Dean looked the same as she remembered, tall and dark in his black T-shirt and faded jeans. He crossed the lobby, his long legs covering the distance quickly. When she saw he was headed for her window, an unwanted thrill rippled across her skin. Her heart started beating faster and annoyance fought its way to the surface. She hated not being in control of her feelings.
There was enough she didn’t have control of these days. Like doctors and hospitals and test results.
He set his motorcycle helmet on the counter in front of him and flashed a cocky smile that turned her knees to jelly. Oh, great, she was going to melt into a puddle of goo right in front of him. His dark blue eyes were laced with mockery as he slowly ran his gaze over her.
“Sarah Austin, still sitting in your little cage, I see.”
She couldn’t stop from blushing, but she wanted to cringe as the heat spread up her neck and across her face. She gritted her teeth at the jibe and struggled to get back in control.
“Hello, Dean,” she said, working hard to keep her smile in place. “I understand you’re skipping town again.”
“Heading out on the Harley in the morning.”
The little jab of envy didn’t help her mood at all. What she wouldn’t give to be going somewhere, anywhere but where her life was headed right now.
Then she remembered why he was in Buffalo to begin with and regretted taking her bad mood out on him. “I’m real sorry about your dad.”
Dean nodded, the diamond stud in his ear winking at her. The cocky smile disappeared and his eyes shut down. She almost wished he was still teasing her. He didn’t say anything, but Sarah wasn’t surprised. She knew he and his father hadn’t gotten along.
“Is Terry still in town?” she asked.
“She flew back to Denver yesterday.” His face didn’t tell her anything. She hoped he and his sister had settled their differences.
“She stopped in the bank for a minute the other day and I saw some pictures of her family. Her boys are cute.”
“Yeah, they are.”
“She works in a doctor’s office?”
Sarah was running out of small talk. For two people who’d grown up in the same neighborhood, on the same street for goodness sake, they couldn’t have been more different. The annoying heart pounding didn’t help any. And neither did the sweaty palms she rubbed on her skirt. Twenty-six was too old to still suffer from hopeless crush symptoms.
She pushed away an old memory of him wiping away her tears. “What can I do for you this morning?”
He picked up the helmet and smoothly tucked it under his arm. “I need to sign a few more papers before I leave. Is Harry Larson busy?”
“I’ll check.” She picked up the interoffice telephone and called Harry, who told her to send Dean over. She pointed to the open office door across the lobby. “Go right in.”
He looked her over once more. Ripples of hot awareness followed his gaze and she prayed she wouldn’t blush again. “Good to see you, Sarah,” he said softly, then turned and walked away.
She watched him go with a sense of relief. Sarah knew exactly why he bothered her. It wasn’t the dangerous way he looked. He had always been sexy in a rough sort of way. She didn’t even mind the dark hair that fell past his shoulders. It went with that rebel look he projected so well and most likely contributed to that crush she had. Correction, used to have.
No, what aggravated her was more what Dean represented. Freedom she had never known. Never would know.

Tomorrow she's in for The Ride of Her Life!!


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