Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quinn's Curse is Coming Soon

Quinn's Curse is on the Coming Soon page at eRed Sage!! Whoo Hoo! February will be here soon!

Here's an excerpt to tempt you:

The moon was high in the sky when Quinn visited her bedroom again. He was usually content to stand by her side and watch her for hours, what else did he have to do with his time? Some nights she was restless, tangling her long legs around the bedclothes, leaving him hard and panting. Tonight she lay still in her bed, barely moving, an angel in white linen and moonlight.
Miranda. He whispered her name and it sounded like music on the cool air blowing the gauzy white curtain at the window. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.
Quinn stepped up to the bed. She rested on her side, her long lashes lying like feathers along her smooth skin. Dark curls tumbled around her head and a stray strand lay across her cheek. He hesitantly reached out and brushed the curl away. Of course, he brushed her soft cheek in the process. How could he not? Luckily, he didn’t awaken her. She would certainly be frightened to wake to invisible hands touching her.
Encouraged, he sank his fingers into her silky hair, letting the soft strands sift through his fingers like the warm Caribbean sand. Her soft, clean scent rose up, surrounding him with feminine smells he’d almost forgotten existed. He was nearly overwhelmed by the sensations he’d been without for so long now. A sigh escaped his lips.
He couldn’t stop himself from drawing his hand down through her hair and then stroking her soft face. When she smiled and leaned her cheek into the palm of his hand, he caught his breath. A warmth like he never remembered washed over him. How long it had been since someone had smiled at him? How long since they’d cherished his touch?
When she still didn’t stir, he became bolder. His needs grew stronger. His heart beat sped up and his cock stirred. He traced her jaw with his finger, catching her pulse at the soft spot where her jaw met her throat. His touch lingered there for a moment, feeling her life beat beneath his fingers.
After a long moment, he left her slender throat and brushed his fingers across her sleek shoulder. Her skin was so warm, so smooth, he could spend ages stroking her, exploring her bare skin. She shifted then, and he snatched his hand away.
He stood there, looking down on her, his heart pounding like he’d been caught snatching some bread from an unsuspecting shopkeeper. Her eyes remained closed as she rolled onto her back and reached out to him. And now what should he do? If he went to her would she awaken? How would he ever explain to her why she could hear him and feel him but not see him? He couldn’t explain it himself.
“Kiss me,” she murmured in a voice so soft and needy that Quinn couldn’t resist.

Quinn's Curse releases in February!


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