Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Reason I Love My Ebookwise

My hubby and I took off for our campground, where we park our RV most of the year. The 4th of July weekend is always a busy time down there. And the owners even put on a fireworks display. So cool.

There's no internet access there...I know, I've tried to convince them, but it's a small family-run campground and there's no way. Oh well, I actually get more writing done when I'm not tempted by those e-mails I just need to check. I also get a little reading done. Which is where this post is leading.

We had a nice campfire going, and for a while I was reading my author copy of Jewel of the Nile II, so I can enjoy the other five stories in the anthology. Then, of course, it got dark. So dark I couldn't read my printbook by the light of the campfire. Then my hubby reminded me that I also packed my ebookwise. Yay! Backlit screen, perfect to read in the dark! So I spent my time waiting for the fireworks, sitting by the fire reading, Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal by M.A. Ellis! Hot! Just like campfires and fireworks!

Love my ebookwise!



Anonymous said...

Hi Natasha!

Love the cover of jewels of the nile.

Natasha said...

Thanks, Helen! Glad you dropped by :)