Monday, January 1, 2007

Monday Inspiration

As we look forward to 2007, our goals can seem overwhelming. We need our dreams and our goals to aim for, but how do we get there without feeling it’s like that unreachable star? Writing an 80K novel can seem daunting. Even finishing a short story can seem impossible with everything else going on in our lives.

I attended a workshop given by Barbara Samuel this fall and during her goal-setting workshop, this quote really struck home with me. “What can I do TODAY to help me reach my goal?” Yes, today. Just think about today.

Even as we look at where we want to be 5 years from now, or at the end of 2007, we can break down our goals into bite-sized pieces. 500 words. A single page. Reading a chapter in a writing book. That’s something we can do today.

So…”What can I do TODAY to help me reach my goal?” I’m writing a thousand words. How about you??


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Linda Winfree said...

Hmmm, goals.

I have a hazy idea of my 2007 goals:

1) Write 1-2 manuscripts.
2) Keep up with promotion (after I figure out what I'm going to do, LOL!)
3) Write 3-4 short free reads.

The way I accomplish the big goals is to do a daily TTD list. I always put a little more on my list than I know I can accomplish, then move what didn't get done to the next day. I can't seem to function with a certain number of words or pages per day -- but I always write something every day.

Nice blog! I'll check back often!

Author Cia Leah said...

I like to set goals that are attainable. I usually work on more than one WIP at a time and if I get to where one is slow, then I switch to another one in a different genre and that helps me to pick up again on the other one. Make sense? :)

My 2007 goals are:

Braedon's Touch 80K western romance

Moon Shadow - 75,000 romantic suspense

Butterflies Don't Dance Dead 80K

Plus several short stories.

Natasha said...

Linda - I like to try for a daily word goal - doesn't always happen, but it's progress.

Cia - I usually have more than one project going too, usually at different stages.

Good luck on reaching your goals!

julesG said...

Nice blog Natasha.
Today,humm. 9 hours-smoke free.
1200 words on one wip.

On another fourm, someone suggested that you keep a daily log of work accomplished in a day-at-a-glance calendar. That way you track your goals and have a very nice record for the IRS if you need it.

Lets see if I can keep up the pace!


Angelle Trieste said...

I posted mine on my blog already. :) It's rather long so I'll just link to it.

Ashlyn Chase said...

My goal is the same...1K perday to 5K per week. I have a couple days to make it up if I get behind during the week. It's worked well for me for almost a year.