Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday Morning Inspiration

"What's talked about is a dream.
What's envisioned is exciting.
What's planned becomes possible.
What's scheduled is real."
-Anthony Robbins

Dreams are a dime a dozen. Don’t get me wrong, dreams are important (I have another saying on my wall that says “Nothing happens without a dream” but that’s another post.) We can dream all we want, but until we take definite steps toward making that dream come true, it will never become reality.

This really ties in with last week’s post, doesn’t it? Specific goal setting. Can you tell this is important to me? You have to do the work. Not all at once. Not more than you can handle at one time. But day by day. Page by page. Word by word.

So dream your dreams. Envision them coming true. Plan how to get there. Schedule the work.

Then DO the work.