Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tomorrow there will be NOTHING TO FEAR!

Tomorrow is the release date for NOTHING TO FEAR! Here's a little exerpt to tease tempt you...

The slam of the door echoed in the silence. Kelly turned around slowly and looked up into the deep, dark eyes staring at her out of the mask. Of course, it was Mason. Her hands shook as she clasped them together in front of her. Oh God, it was Mason.
He slid the mask off his head. His eyes were what had first attracted her to him, and they were still like melted dark chocolate. His head was shaved smooth as always, a dark shadowy hint of hair on his head and jaw. The diamond stud in his ear twinkled beneath the light from the chandelier.
“Hello, Kelly.” His deep voice was a touch amused. Well, she didn’t find anything amusing in the situation. He was the one man whose mere touch frightened her because it made her desire things she shouldn’t want. Made her crave things she didn’t understand. Just a glance from him made her weak in the knees and made her want to drop to her knees before him.
And right now the thought of being tied to that bed with Mason standing over her froze her to the spot at the end of the bed. She avoided his eye, but in doing so focused on the bed, the black velvet bedspread, the tall thick bedposts at each corner. Would he stretch her tight when he tied her to the bedposts? Or would he give her wiggle room? And the thought of her body wiggling beneath Mason’s heated gaze made her shiver. But was it from fear? Or excitement?
“You better get changed.”

You know you want to



Anonymous said...

I do look forward to this release!! :) Congrats, Nathasha :)

Cara Carnes said...

Arg! You are mean! Hrmmm.

:) Seriously, great tease! I look forward to reading it. I know what I'll be ordering when I get back from the day job. Many happy sales:)

Susilien said...


Didn't your Mom ever tell you to stop teasing? Just kidding. I love the excerpt, but wish it was longer. Will have to buy this for my b-day. (29th) Congrats on the EC book.

Susie AKA Susilien