Monday, June 16, 2008

Coming Tomorrow!

The Passion-Minded Professor will be available tomorrow, June 17th, from Samhain Publishing! I love this story of two opposites who attract. I referred to this as my "love potion" story for years. I'm so glad readers will now have a chance to meet Roxy and Daniel and watch them fall in love. Here's a short excerpt to tease you:

Roxy watched Dr. Jennings scribble more words in a tattered old notebook. His desk was a disaster area. How could he find anything in the freaking mess of books and papers and who knew what else was hiding in there?
He was cute, in an absentminded kind of way. He kinda made her want to take care of him, like the lost puppies she used to try to bring home when she was a little girl.
Whoa! Take care of him? Roxy took a step away. What on earth was she thinking? Hadn’t she had enough, taking care of Todd all those years? And for what? Years of empty promises followed by divorce papers.
This was her time. She was finally in control of her own life, finally getting the education she’d always wanted. She wasn’t taking care of anyone but herself for at least the next four years.
While Dr. Jennings kept writing, Roxy wandered around the lab. In contrast to his desk, the rest of the room was immaculate. Spotless. Sterile, even. Test tubes of all sizes sat in racks along one counter and there were also a bunch of shiny equipment she couldn’t even begin to name. Or imagine what they did. Long rows of intimidating lab tables filled the rest of the large room.
It was so quiet in here it was almost spooky. Roxy liked to crank up music as loud as she could in order to concentrate. Hard rock that drove Gina crazy. Roxy liked to think the music forced all extraneous thoughts out of her mind when she was studying.
Gina said she thought Roxy didn’t like the silence because it left her alone with her thoughts.
Roxy didn’t want to think about that right now.
She was much more interested in looking at the attractive professor. He really was a hunk, with his strong jaw and chiseled features. His golden brown hair was thick and a little wavy. She was almost close enough to run her fingers through it before she caught herself.
What on earth? No way. She wasn’t getting distracted by a good-looking guy. She hiked the strap of her book bag farther up her shoulder and put her hands behind her back before she actually reached out and touched him.

Come back tomorrow for the buy link, or stop by the Samhain website tomorrow to check it out!



Cynthia Eden said...

This book sounds fantastic, Natasha! Congrats!

Karen Erickson said...

Sounds awesome! I love the cover too. ;)

Congrats Natasha!