Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jewel of the Nile II Releases June 20th!

Jewels of the Nile II, the second in the 2008 Cavemen anthologies from Ellora's Cave will be released next Friday, June 20th! My short story, SUNRISE, is included in this volume. Here's the blurb and a little excerpt to whet your whistle.

Caroline has been meeting Alan at sunset for months. The hot sex they’ve been enjoying started out mindless and anonymous, just the way she wanted it. Little by little, they’ve gotten to know and care for each other. Caroline fears the changes in their relationship she can’t seem to prevent.

Alan wants Caroline in his life. He sets out to seduce her with his voice, his hands, his body. He’s no longer satisfied with sex in the shadows and wants more. Can he make Caroline feel the same?


He carries me to his nearby car. A large dark sedan. I’ve never paid attention to makes and models, but I recognize luxury. I sink into the soft leather seat as he sets me down, then he sneaks a kiss, hot and hungry, before he buckles me in and closes the door. I shiver, suddenly feeling more nervous than I’d ever been with him. Those butterflies I thought I’d left behind as a teenager flutter in my stomach.
He climbs in beside me and starts the car. The vibration of the engine buzzes through my body, starting with my bare feet on the carpeted floor and shooting up to my bare ass on the warm leather seat. Rich classical music floods the car. Of course he would have an incredible sound system.
“I love this piece.” I try to keep my voice light and my mind off the fact that we are actually going to his place. That I’ll be getting a glimpse of him that I’ve never wanted to see. That the more I know about him, the harder it will be to say goodbye.
He stops with his hand on the gear shift. I feel him staring at me although his face is merely a play of shadows. “I thought you didn’t listen to classical music.”
“I bought the CD, all right?” The moment he left on tour. “This piece is my favorite.”
I shrug. “Why did I buy the CD? Or why is this my favorite?”
“Both, I guess.”
“I bought the CD because I wanted to hear you play,” I admit. And listening to his music soothed my lonely days as I painted sunsets and gardens and Alan. “I love the passion in this piece. It lights a fire under my skin.” I pause and swallow to moisten my suddenly dry mouth. “Like you do.”
He combs his fingers through my hair and pulls my head to him. When his lips crush mine, they feed the fire burning within me. His mouth is hot and insistent, demanding from me the same passion.
Passion has never been my problem.
He drags his tongue along my lips. I open my mouth to his unspoken request and he plunges inside, probing and stroking and licking. A moan escapes from deep in my throat and I feel, more than hear, his answering groan.

Be sure to check out Jewels of the Nile II when it becomes available next week!


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