Saturday, December 2, 2006

December already?

How did it get to be December already? Each year the time seems to fly by more quickly, which I've been told is a sign of getting older. Do we just appreciate each day more? Or do we just have more to do? Whatever it is, Christmas is only 3 weeks away and the tree's not up, there are no cookies baked, and I've barely started shopping! I DID get my cursed pirate novella finished, though, so it's a good day.



Playground Monitor said...

I don't know how it got to be December either? Seems like just yesterday it was June and my granddaughter was born.

Congrats on your sales!


Stacey said...

Actually, it's both - we have more to do, and time does fly by quicker. Which is because we have more to do. And I consider having all the Christmas stuff done by the 25th a suggested goal, not an actual hard-lined deadline....

And congrats on both your sales! Sounds like you're on your way!

Sara Thacker said...

It is going by fast. Yesterday was my local RWA chapter's Holiday Breakfast. I can't believe that 2006 went so fast. It sounds like you've had a full year. I was thinking that I hadn't done much in 2006 but I did accomplish quite a bit. I started and finished 2 full lenght novels and 1 novella. I finished and sold Coiled Revenge to The Wild Rose press. Next year I hope to find an agent.

Natasha said...

More goals...More things to do...The faster the year goes by :)