Thursday, March 8, 2007


Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s only March 8th, but I’m really getting tired of winter. Tired of the snow and cold and being cooped up inside. The thermometer said minus 1 degree F this morning. The calendar may say it’s less than two weeks until spring, but here in western NY State, spring doesn’t even start until the middle of April. It’s only March 8th and I’m sick and tired of winter.

Bundling up in heavy coats and boots and gloves and scarves before you open the door. Air so cold it takes your breath away the minute you step outside. Brushing and scraping off the car every damn morning. Piles of snow plowed so high you can’t see if any cars are coming until you pull out into the street. Winds blowing the snow so hard you can’t see the car in front of you.

And all those cute sweaters I couldn’t wait to start wearing last fall? I’m sick to death of them too!

Now those of you who are into snowmobiling and skiing and the like are most likely loving this weather, but I don’t care. I like bicycling and camping and walking.

I want to throw open the windows and let in warm air and sunshine. I want to wear lightweight short sleeve tops and feel that warm air and sunshine on my skin. I want to jump into my car and take off without having to warm it up for ten minutes and clean off all the snow and ice first. I want to put the top down on my Sebring and feel the breeze blow through my hair. I want to sit out on my deck to read and write and drink my glass of White Zin.


I feel better now…



Michelle Pillow said...

I'm with you! I want warm weather :)

Natasha said...

Michelle, repeat after me...
Each new day is one day closer to spring!