Sunday, March 18, 2007

LEAP OF FATE by Antonia Pearce

LEAP OF FATE by Antonia Pearce

Love, Fate and Death. Three powerful forces that rule the universe. But are they really mutually exclusive?Available at Cobblestone-Press, LLCWhat would you do with twenty-four more hours with the lost love of your life? Merryn Porter finds out when a freak accident kills her as she saves her best friends on their wedding day. Unaware she’s dead, she’s also forgotten the bride’s brother died ten years earlier. She does remember he broke her heart.Luke Hanson has been waiting in limbo to atone for rejecting his beloved Merryn and Fate cuts him a deal: twenty-four hours to make up for her suffering. If he succeeds, she gets another shot at life. A miracle really, but everything has a price…


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I read this story and it's awesome! I give it my wholehearted recommendation. It's also really hot. You might need to wear sunglasses and overn mits when you read it.


Crystal Jordan said...

I love Antonia's work. And isn't that a lovely cover?

Natasha said...

I agree, Crystal, gorgeous cover.

And it's in my TBR file on my computer, I just may have to pull it up to the top, Kat.