Saturday, March 24, 2007

LUSH by Sasha White


Kensington Aphrodisia

single author anthology

ISBN-10: 0758215487

ISBN-13: 9780758215482

Genre: Contemporary

Release Date: March 27, 2007

B&N has the READ A CHAPTER for LUSH up.. it gives you a good sneak peek at the carpenter.

A gallery showcasing erotic art is the setting for these three sensual stories. A take charge gallery owner finds the tables turned by a sexy carpenter…A relationship-shy jewelry designer meets her match in a man devoted to her pleasure…A beautiful massage therapist shows a photographer how much fun candid shots can be…In three scorching tales, Sasha White reveals the art of pure pleasure.
Three unique stories that all have something in common, realism that tugs at the heartstrings. Ms. White has done it yet again, telling each story beautifully while weaving in the perfect mixture of hope and eroticism. Destined to be one of the greats, Ms. White's use of language and emotion captivates the reader and doesn't let them go until they are spent and satisfied...Kudos for Sasha White, she is definitely an author you want to keep an eye on." 5 Kisses Shawn Monique, Romance Divas
The pleasure is all yours if you're ready to let your fantasies take control and surrender yourself to desire…
The Principles of Lust - Sleek and sexy erotic art gallery owner Teal Jamison knows what she likes and isn't afraid to let carpenter Zack Dillon know that her current fantasy features him in all his masculine glory. But Zack has a deliciously different game in mind for a woman accustomed to taking charge…
Passion Play - Quick to follow where passion leads, then back off when things get too close, jewelry designer Mia Jones’s sensual odyssey with singles columnist Dominick Jamison is perfect: hot, sweet, and with no risk of complications. But how long can her heart stay cold--when she’s lost in the heat of a man devoted to every forbidden pleasure her body craves?
Sexual Healing - When massage therapist Caitlyn Ellis shows photographer Jack Lowell the joys of sensual self love for the camera, he can’t resist the erotic invitation to take pleasure in her lush curves--or deny himself the hands-on ecstasy of loving a beautiful woman determined to heal his battered soul…by setting his body on fire.
"Sasha White’s stories are molten lava all wrapped up in spun silk. Richly emotional and highly passionate, these erotic stories take the reader on a sensuous journey inside the bedroom and out. These sexually explosive novellas will undoubtedly leave you breathless and begging for more. Sasha White continues to have a spot on my keeper shelf." -Cathryn Fox, author of Pleasure Control
Please check out the erotic LUSH GALLERY on Sasha's website.
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